Let’s Talk Expert In Exfoliation

Bringing to you our continuing discussion on Acne and various approach and treatment for it. Looking at the structure of the skin Epidermis in particular which is the outer layer or the first layer of the skin where every scrubbing, exfoliation is carried out.

We want to concentrate on what treatments that can be used for Acne treatment bearing in mind that every stage or different types of acne has its own life span of correction, no matter what you use or how you treat it.

Hormonal imbalances occur during the stage of puberty. This is where there is surge of increase in the production of sebum. That being said, using the Microdermabrasion (MD) for short to treat acne is a brilliant solution.


MD is a safe cosmetic procedure where the stratum corneum or ‘honey layer’ is partially removed. The aesthetic therapist performs this treatment using a controlled exfoliation and resurfacing with the handheld equipment with fine crystal to help gradually reduce the thickness of the epidermis, removing dead skin cells. This will help to promote skin cell renewal, fresh complexion, collagen boost and smoother looking skin.

Acne can benefit very well from MD, because of the extensive and regular treatment on the area that can help to breakdown the excessive build up of skin thickness, clean pores, increasing of the lymphatic flow for rebalancing and reducing surface sebum.

Regular treatment plan is required with acne treatment to monitor improvement of the treated area. Acne can be found not on face only, but on the back and chest. These areas are treated differently to help monitor progress. Certain active acne areas displaying pustules and papule should not be treated to avoid spread to non-infected areas, (these might need more medical attention).