Read of the Month: Banished by Stella Amanze

Originally published: December 2002
Genre: Historical Fiction

Banished tells the story of Princess Antherosangojunella, whose mother dies after giving birth to her. Monica, who is responsible for the queen’s death, in her pernicious ways, plans to bring the kingdom to its ruin with the help of the witches of the mountain. She succeeds in marrying the widowed king, assumes his position after she imprisons him, and plans to wear his crown.

Princess Antherosangojunella finds love with the son of the palace cook, Miguel, whose sister, Anna, finagles Princess Antherosangojunella’s banishment from her homeland.

Alisa, the daughter of Monica who abhors the princess because Miguel refuses her advances toward him, ironically becomes instrumental in helping the princess find her way back to the palace.

Princess Antherosangojunella, who ultimately triumphs in a land unknown to her, survives agony and deception before taking her rightful place on the throne.

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