Looking good from being Healthy

What will you give to have the most amazing, flawless, no spot hydrated skin? Answer everything; well it unfortunately does not work the way we want because there are so many issues and obstacles stopping you from achieving that.

Dehydration? What does it mean?

Dehydrated skin means skin losing water and then there is another issue that lead from dehydrated ski to what everyone knows as dry skin. They are not the same meaning because dry skin means you could loss essential oils and nutrients that help sustain the skin. But when you are dehydrated, skin will feel dry and could affect the basic understanding of your routine. When you lose water and will also ask, how do you loss water and how might that have affected your skin?

Are you hydrating your skin well?

Yes, you drink a lot of water and still you feel dehydrated. Now let us think of that thing that we might be doing that is causing or might help your skin to dehydrate.

Your basic day-to-day habits and symptoms

  • Your skin begins to look dull
  • It sometimes becomes itchy
  • Face becomes very sensitive at touch
  • With time your laugh and frown line becomes obvious

These symptoms did not appear immediately but over time say 2-3 months but you might not have noticed them but carried on until they become uncomfortable then we start looking for solutions.

What to do

  • First sort of life style do we have? Yes do you know your life style and what does that even mean? We live day to day carrying on with the same routine and not minding how or when we do it wrong.
  • Do you smoke? – Well, this is a sure way to so many bad issues to our health, but we are concentrating on dehydration. Yes smoking will dry out all fluid from your skin and much more
  • Do you drink coffee? Yes, do not get me wrong coffee is good in so many ways and bad in few ways also
  • Other caffeine such as green tea, which is another source of anti oxidant you may ask how can that be. The fact is that it is very high in caffeine also and at same time may dehydrate your skin.
  • Do you do some sort of exercise? Yes and no, when you have the time and when you do not.
  • Do you eat healthy? You try and you can grab quick MacDonald or sandwich as you go along. What about proper dinner with vegetables.
  • Do you use regular moisturizer and good serums to help or go to your therapist to have a monthly scrub down and deep cleansing?
  • How much WATER do you drink in a day?
  • Do you use saunas or sunbed?

All these and more will give you part  of the answers that will help solve the dehydration.

We will look at DRY SKIN in our next help determine the difference between both.

Meanwhile, please stay safe and use this lockdown situation to really sleep, eat well and bring out those scrubs and masks that have been in your cupboard and begin to use them. You might see great change to your skin before we come out of this lockdown and isolation.