How To Nourish Your Skin At Home

Do you have all your skincare products?
Do you know your skin type?
Do you regularly break out?
Do you cleanse, tone & moisturise?
Do you scrub daily with mild facial scrub, weekly or non at all because someone says it is not good to use facial scrub?
How often do you visit your therapist or aesthetician?
All these and more you need answers to and we will be feeding you with the information that will help you to:
  • Correct
  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Scrub
  • Moisturise
  • Use your sun protector factor (SPF)
  • Chose the right products
  • Visit your therapist on weekly, by-weekly or monthly bases
  • Use our health and safety tips to help maintain good and healthy skincare
    When you begin to look after your skin, it will react accordingly, what do I mean by that simple, it means you must either have gone to shop to buy over the counter products with all information at the back of the bottle and gone ahead and start using them. Few weeks’ months down the line, you still have the problems.
    Or did you o to your beauty therapist and had a good consultation and skin analysis to determine which product and what treatment that will be recommended for you to use.
    Using the right product will definitely help though in some cases we will have to look into other aspects that occurs such as hormonal influences, child birth, stress and diet. These and much more would affect the way your skin reacts both for adult skincare, early teenage skincare and under teenage skincare. My definitions span from my experiences with my clients.
    It is important to follow advice of your skincare specialist who will help you through those weeks of inconvenience, discomfort and feeling sad when you see your skin every day.
    Adding these products such as:
    • Cleansers
    • Face scrub
    • Toners
    • Moisturisers
    to your routine and visiting your therapist will definitely go along way to help solve some of the skin issues.
    Face Scrubs