About Us

JuleStema Skincare Range is naturally formulated with the best of the active ingredients that will give boost to your skin, gives hydration, soften and smooth skin with added essential oils. This will help to nourish, illuminates skin and give fresh complexion.

With JuleStema products, you will gradually discover your skin at its best.

Our brand JuleStema, works well when used with skincare treatments to help transform your skin and to give it maximum result. Example will be to use the cleanser suitable for your skin type to prepare the skin for the next level of the treatment such as the facial scrubbing.

History of JuleStema

Over the years, I have had the privilege to work hard, with several training to add to it and to become one of the best in what I do.

Experience, Skill & Qualification

Juliette is a trained Skincare, Aesthetic specialist and a qualified teacher in beauty therapy with over 25 years experience. I have had the opportunity to use and work with over 10 - 15 different products and using different product companies to achieve the best of my skill. When you have someone on your beauty couch and they trust you to solve their problems are a huge task. Then when you have a product that you will have to use to achieve this huge task is another issue, which means you must have to or you trust this product you are going to use on these clients that trust your skill.

Product Researched –Vegan & Cruelty Free

With this in mind I have researched with the professional input of physicians, doctors and biochemist and biologist in the family with their generous and steadfast advice to see that JuleStema took off. I contacted several companies and will have to finally put my mind at rest as I use these product on my youngest client who is 10, 12 years of age with the lovely mother watching and asking questions, do you feel what I am feeling?. Does the product have chemical, Is the product good and so on?
Finding a great Vegan manufacturer to work with and embarked on product training ingredient was very fulfilling. 
JuleStema was born, and our products are manufactured here in UK. Our philosophy is to uphold the true value to our client and with expert knowledge and continuing training to make sure we keep raising awareness and bring new and upgraded knowledge and understanding always to all our clients all over the world that have been with us from UK, USA, Nigeria and Europe.