Top Tips For Your Skin Health & Hygiene

Hygiene, Health & Safety Tips - (H, H & S T)

We are now in this situation when everything around us should be taken seriously apart from washing our hands regularly from when you come through the door to when you touch your face. Which in normal circumstance we do or do not pay attention or mind at all.

There are several names or skin problems related to skin health, but in this issue we will deal with just part of the area relating to how to look after your skin and keep it healthy, and feel safe within your skin health.

I say Healthy skin is a Healthy glow. The way you take care of your skin will give you back good healthy glow.

Let us start by examining the way you take care of your skin. What does that really mean?

Simple, when you wake up in the morning rushing to have your shower, in your bath room do you have your cleanser or face scrub? Emm! Not really or yes or not at all because when you do finish your bath, you will then wash your face separately 1) yes? Or 2) no ? Or 3) not at all. In most cases1&2. Whichever one try to incorporates cleaning your face either in the shower or after Why? Because the previous night you might not have cleaned, you did clean but not very well, which means left good amount of make which rubbed off on your pillow and the previous days?. We will come to how many times you change your pillowcase in a month.

If you do not cleanse your face well for one week on, and keep reapplying your make every day and following same routine, you are really by now have clogged your skin by yourself just even without knowing it. Then your monthly circle is in and you will begin to breaks out. The first thing that will happen will be makeup left over residue will fly into your skin and begin to work there way into your skin system.


You will have to thoroughly clean your skin, develop a routine to remember about when to clean either with or without makeup

  • Wash your hands at all times especially after outing
  • Do not touch face
  • Do not pick or squeeze any spots
  • Do not undertake any serious exercise immediately after any skin treatment
  • Remember to apply your SPF
  • Moisturise your skin
  • Drink lots of water and take your regular skin vitamins
  • If you do not scrub, your skin will not show renewal process
  • Sleep and rest well
  • Avoid stressful conditions if you can help it
  • Develop your own “ME” time and make use of it very well
  • Visit your therapist at least once a month to help your skin renew and refresh
  • Use your SPF and moisturize every day
  • Do not wait for your birthday, anniversary or occasions to celebrate your skin; you should celebrate your skin every day.
  • DRINK LOTS and LOTS OF WATER! (I can not stress this enough) - Drink warm water, not very cold water very essential for your skin health and water will help keep you safe and will clean your inner system.