Your Face, Your Gold Mine

Have you ever wondered why after having good skin with no spots with flawless skin and all of a sudden you will start breaking out!!?

Again, you seem to be doing everything right eating well, engaging in your daily exercises, and most of all resting and still you are breaking out.

As a skincare specialist and aesthetician, I see this every time and it can be very disheartening for those affected. But I always say there is solution to all individual needs. We need to remember no skin is the same. When you examine the anatomy of the skin and see how the skin is layered you might begin to understand how easy of difficult it will be to treat skin.

What your skin is telling you when it starts erupting and you develop any of these symptoms.

  • Acne
  • Itchy skin (dry or eczema)
  • Raised skin with underlining white spots
  • Painful red and raised bumps
  • Acne with lots of hair around the spots
  • Dark eye shadows
  • Puffy under eye with dark circle

We will look at this issue and explain what you can do and will have to continue to do.

Acne – Who wants acne?

The answer is no one because this skin issue could cause so much loss of confidence in men, women, young, old and teenage skin. The age and maturing stage of our life’s may bring out worst skin issue in some cases. Let us take for example teenage skin in both boys and girls, and I do treat and see this very often. We will have to consider the growing factor, which we cannot change and it comes with its advantage and disadvantages. Hormonal influences reaches its pick and it does come with so many wants for example, you could start craving for so much sweet and sugary treats, mood swing, putting on weight, not sleeping well and so on. But when these starts it might or not trigger issues such as spots, supper hair growth, pimples, acne and so many others. People do experience issues differently and as such will be treated differently.  Find a skincare specialist that will carry out a proper consultation and skin analysis to determine what treatment to start with. Acne treatment is very vast, but will have a proper diagnosis to achieve best result.

We follow up acne treatment as we bring to you different methods of treatments.

Start by developing a proper routine for your skin, asks your skincare specialist for guide. Start eating healthy, and avoid certain food, develop your personal hygiene for your skin only your can do it and get it right.